Shine offers quality english programmes which are dynamic, innovative and affordable for all children, youths and adults in a safe, positive and supportive atmosphere with experienced mentors who sincerely want to share their knowledge and make our community shine


"We all deserve a chance to SHINE"


Providing quality programmes of English language, Arts and Life skills in a secure, positive and supportive environment to offer children, youth and adults of limited resources the opportunity to shine.


To be a centre of peace and mutual respect by transforming the educational, personal, cultural and social expression in order to construct a dignified future of possibilities, hope and integrity


According to a survey carried out by the "Dirección General de Estadística y Censos (DIGESTYC)" 40.6% of the Salvadorean population live in poverty.


Help Salvadoreans gain necessary life skills, dignity amd integrity in the form of education.


We are conscious of the importance of education as a tool to improve our lives and breaking the cycle of poverty by using English to open doors for higher education, better work opportunities and travelling.

Our Projects

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Sessions in the "Mercado Nacional de Artesanías"

Since May 2017 we have been offering English programmes to the craftsmen, sellers and their families in the market so that they can break the language barriers with the tourists and increase their sales.


Programmes en "La Casa de la Cultura del Centro"

In August 2016 we iniciated our basic English course with a group from "CONAMYPE" along with their families in order to give the entrepuneurs more opportunities to succeed in their proyects.


Children´s Workshops

This October we opened a group for the children of the market sellers and craftsmen where we sing, dance and play to improve their self-esteem and so that they enjoy learning, making new friends and communication in English

"The best way of helping the poor is not giving hand-outs but teaching them the way out of it"

Benjamin Franklin

Get INvolved!


a participant up to a project and become part of our community


English with our dynamic and innovative programmes in a supportive and fun atmosphere


our participants and share your knowledge and skills with the people who most deserve it


to give people of limited resources the chance to learn and improve their lives

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