We offer high quality programmes of the English language which are specifically designed for children, youth and adults with motivated, trained and well-experienced Mentors ensuring that all partipants are academically and personally supported.

In total the programme lasts 2 years, divided up into the 4 seasons which last 6 months each – 1) Spring (Basic) 2) Summer (Intermediate) 3) Autumn (Advanced) 4) Winter (Conversation); with the possibility of TOIEC and TOEFL to finalise the programme. At the completion of every season each participant receives a certificate, personalised t-shirt and of course there is a party!

We know that, like children, the best way to learn is by enjoying it so we would like this proyect to be perceived more as an educational, social, cultural and spiritual service with the support and guidance of a Mentor, not as classes with teachers.

Within the programme, there are regular evaluations and personal, as well as, educacional feed-backs for each participant and mentor with the possibility of extra reinforcement sessions, help with employment skills, C.V.´s, chances of work-experience and visits in order to guarantee that eacn participant and their mentor´s motivation, quality of education and support is the highest possible.